Technology is a beautiful thing!

That’s what they say, but I must admit I’ve never been real comfortable with it. That is hurting me and I need to make a change. I’m still a bit old school. I have classes at my home for small groups, which is not a bad thing. The problem is it us difficult for me to help everyone. Some customers need more time and help. Some have more experience. No one reads directions!

I would really like to begin weekly tutorials online in 2023. It really is a more effective way to help more people. The ones who need more time can stop the video or reverse and replay. I must take the plunge no matter how nervous it makes me!

Class last Saturday was successful with nine participants. We made four cards. Some designs were CASed (copy and shared) and all turned out nicely. Here are the four:

My next class is early October where we will make two Halloween and two Fall cards. It’s a learning experience for me each time, just like the participants.

There’s one more day to get your September Weekly Deal for this week. Tomorrow new ones will be posted for the next week and then September Weekly Deals ends. Go HERE to see what’s being discounted!

Classes Coming!

I have been a busy girl! Since I decided to sell retired products, I have been preparing, posting, invoicing and shipping. This has been very successful! I am selling in three Facebook groups, but you can contact me at if you would like to know what is still left. I have stamps sets, dies, punches, paper, designer series paper, and more. I will do this every new catalog cycle! All products are retired, no longer in catalogs, in great condition or new! I would like to include some other sites away from Facebook, but am not there yet.

Some people have requested Classes so I am getting some together. These are for local people right now. I’ve yet to get comfortable with online tutorials, but will! Classes currently scheduled:

General Make and Take with Niecy, Saturday, September 17th, at 10:30. The cost is $15 for four cards. (Regular customers who spend $40 before tax and shipping from the catalog are free.) All supplies are provided along with refreshments. I must cap my classes at my home at eight, so if others are interested, I will add more and/or evening classes.

Halloween/Fall Card Fest with Niecy, Saturdays, October 1st and 22nd, Thursday, October 6th at 6:00 pm, and Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:00pm.

Christmas Card Fest with Niecy, dates and times to be announced. If you are interested, please send an email or comment here and I can give you updated information as it comes available.

Don’t forget Sale-A-Bration is still running through August 31st or when supplies run out! Go HERE to see what you can order FREE after your $50 or $100 catalog purchase before tax and shipping. Look around at products and shop at!

Health – I’m getting better. I still have a lingering cough since having Covid in June and stitches are coming out of my finger tomorrow, so the hand surgery is almost behind me. I haven’t had a lot of energy (being retired is helpful) and really need to get back to activity. It’s hot here in Arizona, so outside activities right now are almost impossible. I look forward to some cooler weather! Finally, I will be having another oral surgery, but that hasn’t been scheduled yet. Oh, the fun!

Hobby or Business?

I am a retired teacher who really enjoys her time to exercise, read, see movies, craft, travel, visit with family and friends, and just be free to do what I desire. I do not really want to run a time consuming business or be tied down. I love my crafting hobbies and do not mind sharing with interested parties. Having a few customers also helps me to continue my fun hobby without breaking the bank. I suppose that makes me a Stampin’ Up! Hobby Demonstrator who is here for you. If you need product, ideas, a class, or just a social outlet, join me. If you need more, someone who runs a larger business and has more to offer, my team leader is a wonderful resource. She has weekly classes online and sells a lot of product. She’s amazingly talented. Just let me know if you would like her information. I would love your business, however, if I am what you need for your own hobby and crafting.

I am hearing of a renewed interest in some card classes and also have another idea of how to share this hobby without it taking over all my time. This is a great time because our 2022-2023 Annual Catalog is now out. Find it here.

Come back next month to see the newest 2022 July through December Mini Catalog effective July 1, 2022. This is my favorite catalog of the year – the holidays! Also, another Sale-a-Bration will be effective from July 1 through August 31, 2022. Check back for the products you can order FREE after ordering $50 or $100 of product before shipping and taxes. I will have those newest catalogs posted next month.

Also, watch for classes or open houses to make cards! I will be adding those soon!

Back to Posters on My Wall

I took a short trip this weekend instead of crafting at home. When I was 13 years of age, I was deeply in love. His name was Donny, Donny Osmond, that is. We grow and change; although I heard about him through the years, I really didn’t follow his career closely once I fell out of love.

Fast forward to 2021 and Donny and I both being close to 65 years of age. My husband and I took a drive to Vegas and saw his show. I can’t tell you how often I was laughed at at 13. His music was bubblegum, you know! Well, he has grown up and is quite the showman! He sang, danced, including tap, played piano, cracked jokes, and was very personable with his audience. Funny enough, he did sing Puppy Love, One Bad Apple, and snippets of older songs, but much of his concert was newer music or covers. I really was impressed how good he was.

I ate too much, drank, and yes, gambled! We pretty much broke even on that score – no big losses, no big wins. I enjoyed the 4D Wheel of Fortune machine. I was pretty lucky and recouped some earlier losses.

So, we are driving back to AZ and normal life now. I can get back into my crafting once home. What’s on the agenda?

*finishing Christmas cards

*working on my “fun fold cards” for that swap

*getting everything addressed and mailed

*preparing materials for upcoming classes

*working on tutorials and more of an online presence

It’s Thanksgiving Week! Ours will be quiet, just the three of us and I am looking forward to that! Until next time…

I Went For It!

I have been trying to figure out how best to get some more classes going. I thought our clubhouse would be the best place where there are tables and chairs. Unfortunately, they want to charge me to rent or they want to take a % and do the marketing for our neighborhood. The second option is doable, however, I would be required to buy a million dollar liability insurance policy to cover every session there. This had me stressed.

Well, I took a chance and scheduled two classes in my home. This is mainly for the peeps who live in my neighborhood or good friends who do not live too far away from me. I decided to do this in December instead of beginning fresh in January, as I originally planned. I mean, it’s Christmas! Let’s make Christmas cards in a Christmas decorated home! Wish me luck. I love this hobby of mine!