Where Have I Been?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, which is awful of me! Honestly, I’ve been very busy with classes, craft fairs, garage sales, family parties… It’s just been a crazy few weeks. Let’s catch up!

First, I held my first card making class since moving to Arizona in October and it went well. I met some very nice ladies and we had fun making four cards. It was a learning experience for me, as well as them! It was successful enough that they have asked me to return. I will be holding a Christmas Card Class in December and have designed four cards for that one:

Let’s go back a little now. Halloween was another fun event, however, we did not get as many trick or treaters as expected. I started last year due to the pandemic making gloved hands full of candy for the kids. It went over so well, I did the same this year, but had many left over. I ended up giving the kids two hands as “they had two hands themselves!” I plan to do this or something very similar each year.

Move forward to my first every craft fair participation. I had craft supplies and many cards to sell. I’m finding that people want either classes to make cards, inexpensive second hand supplies, or will pay very little for the cards themselves. It’s a bit frustrating because I put a lot of time and effort into my cards. Here I am!

I then participated in our Community Garage Sale with crafting items only. Let me just say Garage Sale peeps are out for real deals and large items. I had a few stop and a few sales, but more cars drive by, look at my signs, and drive off. Well, I tried and I’m learning a lot as I go!

I will stop here. I just wanted to share a little of what’s been keeping me busy. Please check my other posts for recent promotions for Stampin’ Up! products! This is a great time to JOIN, SHOP, or buy retiring products before they are gone for good