New Catalogs Live Tomorrow! Great JOIN Promotion!

The newest January through April, 2023 Mini Catalog goes live tomorrow. You may place your orders. If you do not have a catalog or need one, please send your name and address to me HERE. I will get one out to you. You may also go to my online store HERE and look through it. I will add a direct link to the catalog tomorrow. Finally, if you are available and would like to join me for a Catalog Walk Through tomorrow, January 5th, 2023, at 6:00PM, Arizona time, on my YouTube Channel, please do. You can find me HERE on YT!

I was on my YouTube Channel this evening for Wednesday Chat and stumbled a bit with important information, I mentioned that I would make it clear on this blog. Here is the GREAT PROMOTION!


You will have three options for your Starter Kit! 

  1. Order the Boho Blue (new In Color coming out in 2023 Mini Cut and Emboss Machine and $175 in products to get you started. You choose your products! This promotion is $129 only.
  2. Order the regular white Mini Cut and Emboss Machine and $175 in products to get you started. You choose your products! This promotion is $129 only.
  3. Do not receive the Mini Emboss and Machine but still order $175 in products to get you started. You choose your products! This promotion is $99 only.

Contact me with any questions HERE. Remember the promotion begins January 5th, 2023, and Sale-A-Bration products may also be earned through end of February!

I have scheduled my next local class for Saturday, January 28th, 2023, at 10PM. Right now, I am planning to have that at my home, but am looking into alternatives. We will be making four cards – misc occasion. The cost is $20 when paid by Wednesday, January 25, 2023, or $25, if paid after. Please email HERE me to get information how to sign up and pay!

Also, purchase the Timeless Greetings Card Kit HERE today and join our Zoom Gab on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 10:00AM. Please order through my online store and I will send out a Zoom link for the Gab!

There’s a lot happening with Stampin’ Up! Please sign up for my newsletter to get all the latest news weekly! I just need your name and email address HERE!

HAPPY 2023!

Reaching Out, New Host Code

It’s December already! There is a new host code – FVPUSYZQ – when purchasing anything from $75 to $149.99, before shipping and tax for this month; however, the gift will remain the same.


I have often mentioned wanting to expand my business and know that can only be done with effort and time. Now that I have a YouTube Channel, I must use it! In January, 2023, I will start three new programs – Tuesday Tips, a short video with tips I’ve learned for stamping along the way, Wednesday Chat, a dedicated hour to chat with customers with questions, suggestions, ideas, whatever, and Tutorial Thursdays, a prerecorded video showing a design and project with instructions and a product list.

Tuesdays Tips will be live every Tuesday at 4PM, Arizona time.

Wednesday Chats will be live every Wednesday at 6PM, Arizona time.

Tutorial Thursday videos will post around 2PM, Arizona time and will begin January 12th!

All programs will stay on the channel so if you miss it, no problem. You can see what was discussed and or made. I sincerely hope this plan helps other stampers and will draw some new customers. Time will tell.

On the day the newest Mini Catalog becomes available, January 5th, 2023, I will actually do a walkthrough of the new catalog and the Sale-A-Bration catalog. This will be on the same channel at 6PM. The Tutorial Thursdays will begin the next week!

I hope to see you on YouTube!

Classes, Zoom Gab, YouTube, and Being Sick

Hello! Yes, I am still here and working. First, let me tell you I got sick again. I tested negative for Covid, thankfully, but I still had a cold that wanted to hold on! I imagine I have shared some of this, but for any new readers, let me tell you I am a retired teacher, very social, enjoy many crafts, love exercise, am a lifelong Weight Watcher, live with my husband and adult son, and deal with a chronic auto immune disease called Scleroderma. I tell you this to help you understand my desire to do it all with a body that often stops me. When this happens, I need to give in and rest. Fortunately, my illness is well managed right now. Unfortunately, it loves to remind me that it is in charge of my body! So, yes, I get sick, fatigued, run down, but I always get back up and going again.

I am working on a YouTube Channel! I really am. I am very intimidated by technology but know I can master this, so I am working on it. The idea, of course, is to offer tutorials and classes online. I then will hopefully reach more creative souls out there, not just the local ones. That is the plan, anyway. Believe me, there is no perfection here. I will stumble and fall, but that is the great thing about social media today. You do not need to be perfect, so I’m giving it a go! I will let all know when the channel is up and running.

My classes early this month went well. We made four cards, two Halloween, two Fall, and I have a small group that is really enjoying themselves. That’s what it is about!

October Card Class

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