Classes, Zoom Gab, YouTube, and Being Sick

Hello! Yes, I am still here and working. First, let me tell you I got sick again. I tested negative for Covid, thankfully, but I still had a cold that wanted to hold on! I imagine I have shared some of this, but for any new readers, let me tell you I am a retired teacher, very social, enjoy many crafts, love exercise, am a lifelong Weight Watcher, live with my husband and adult son, and deal with a chronic auto immune disease called Scleroderma. I tell you this to help you understand my desire to do it all with a body that often stops me. When this happens, I need to give in and rest. Fortunately, my illness is well managed right now. Unfortunately, it loves to remind me that it is in charge of my body! So, yes, I get sick, fatigued, run down, but I always get back up and going again.

I am working on a YouTube Channel! I really am. I am very intimidated by technology but know I can master this, so I am working on it. The idea, of course, is to offer tutorials and classes online. I then will hopefully reach more creative souls out there, not just the local ones. That is the plan, anyway. Believe me, there is no perfection here. I will stumble and fall, but that is the great thing about social media today. You do not need to be perfect, so I’m giving it a go! I will let all know when the channel is up and running.

My classes early this month went well. We made four cards, two Halloween, two Fall, and I have a small group that is really enjoying themselves. That’s what it is about!

October Card Class

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Author: Niecy

I am a wife, mother, sister, auntie, friend. I retired from teaching middle school years ago and love my freedom in retirement. I craft, read, write, see movies, exercise, and spend time with loved ones. I have scleroderma, a chronic illness, but scleroderma does not have me. Positivity in this crazy world keeps me sane and happy.

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