Technology is a beautiful thing!

That’s what they say, but I must admit I’ve never been real comfortable with it. That is hurting me and I need to make a change. I’m still a bit old school. I have classes at my home for small groups, which is not a bad thing. The problem is it us difficult for me to help everyone. Some customers need more time and help. Some have more experience. No one reads directions!

I would really like to begin weekly tutorials online in 2023. It really is a more effective way to help more people. The ones who need more time can stop the video or reverse and replay. I must take the plunge no matter how nervous it makes me!

Class last Saturday was successful with nine participants. We made four cards. Some designs were CASed (copy and shared) and all turned out nicely. Here are the four:

My next class is early October where we will make two Halloween and two Fall cards. It’s a learning experience for me each time, just like the participants.

There’s one more day to get your September Weekly Deal for this week. Tomorrow new ones will be posted for the next week and then September Weekly Deals ends. Go HERE to see what’s being discounted!

Author: Niecy

I am a wife, mother, sister, auntie, friend. I retired from teaching middle school years ago and love my freedom in retirement. I craft, read, write, see movies, exercise, and spend time with loved ones. I have scleroderma, a chronic illness, but scleroderma does not have me. Positivity in this crazy world keeps me sane and happy.

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