Tuesday Tips Follow Up

Hello! If you follow me on YouTube.com/@niecycraftsandmore, I have Tuesday Tips (4PM AZ time live), Wednesday Chat (6PM AZ time live), and Tutorial Thursday (video uploaded by 2PM, AZ time). Since my channel is new, I am still learning how to figure out how to add links. Until I can get that all straight, I would like to follow up with links and details here.

Today I talked about not losing our dies. You know how the new dies come on white thick card stock with double sided tape holding them in place? What do we do once we take the dies off the thick card stock? Can we put then back easily? Well I recently heard of a great idea, but can’t take credit for it. I can’t even remember when I saw the idea!

First, get yourself a Titan magnetic bowl or tray. You can purchase them on Amazon HERE. That is only the small bowl, but I love this larger tray HERE. When working with your dies, put them in your bowl or tray rather than lying on your table. They stay in the bowl/tray because of magnets. You will be able to find them easily when ready to put them away!

Okay, so you’ve finished your project and want to return your dies. How did those all fit? It’s a mystery, but there’s a solution. Take a copy of your dies right when they are new, before you’ve taken any off. Buy some Best Crafts (or another brand) of magnetic sheets with adhesive HERE. Cut then the size of your die package using the thick white card stock as your measuring tool.

These are the items I talked about on Tuesday Tips this week. I hope the idea is helpful.