Paper Pumpkin Closes Each Month on the 10th

December’s Paper Pumpkin is Lots of Pun. Remember, our monthly craft project can be subscribed to by the 10th of each month. You may order and pay monthly, or save with prepaid subscriptions for three, six, or twelve months. They are great fun for the beginner, casual, or avid stamper. Go Here to order.

Preorder Your Catalogs Before November 29th!

Big news! The January through June, 2022 Mini Catalog and Sale-a-Bration Catalogs will be mailed in December! I mail catalogs to active customers free of charge; however, with the price of postage, I ask that potential new customers preorder and pay postage only! I will be placing my order on November 29th for the newest catalogs and will be happy to include you! You just pay $2.75. I can only do this for this reduced cost until November 30, so you must preorder by the 29th! Thank you for your understanding! Please make sure I have your full name and address! To receive a Paypal link to pay postage, reply here or email me at

Sales Period January 4th through June 30, 2022
Products are earned January 4th through February 28th, 2022

Back to Posters on My Wall

I took a short trip this weekend instead of crafting at home. When I was 13 years of age, I was deeply in love. His name was Donny, Donny Osmond, that is. We grow and change; although I heard about him through the years, I really didn’t follow his career closely once I fell out of love.

Fast forward to 2021 and Donny and I both being close to 65 years of age. My husband and I took a drive to Vegas and saw his show. I can’t tell you how often I was laughed at at 13. His music was bubblegum, you know! Well, he has grown up and is quite the showman! He sang, danced, including tap, played piano, cracked jokes, and was very personable with his audience. Funny enough, he did sing Puppy Love, One Bad Apple, and snippets of older songs, but much of his concert was newer music or covers. I really was impressed how good he was.

I ate too much, drank, and yes, gambled! We pretty much broke even on that score – no big losses, no big wins. I enjoyed the 4D Wheel of Fortune machine. I was pretty lucky and recouped some earlier losses.

So, we are driving back to AZ and normal life now. I can get back into my crafting once home. What’s on the agenda?

*finishing Christmas cards

*working on my “fun fold cards” for that swap

*getting everything addressed and mailed

*preparing materials for upcoming classes

*working on tutorials and more of an online presence

It’s Thanksgiving Week! Ours will be quiet, just the three of us and I am looking forward to that! Until next time…

I Went For It!

I have been trying to figure out how best to get some more classes going. I thought our clubhouse would be the best place where there are tables and chairs. Unfortunately, they want to charge me to rent or they want to take a % and do the marketing for our neighborhood. The second option is doable, however, I would be required to buy a million dollar liability insurance policy to cover every session there. This had me stressed.

Well, I took a chance and scheduled two classes in my home. This is mainly for the peeps who live in my neighborhood or good friends who do not live too far away from me. I decided to do this in December instead of beginning fresh in January, as I originally planned. I mean, it’s Christmas! Let’s make Christmas cards in a Christmas decorated home! Wish me luck. I love this hobby of mine!